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Lara - the little mermaid

This doll is handmade and unique. It is made of merino wool by the needle felting technique - sculpture in wool.

Lara is a small mermaid that comes from the waters surrouding the shores of the Canarian islands. She is a sweet and good mermaid. She likes to swim through the steep cliffs and enjoy the sun, singing and dancing. From time to time she likes resting on her favorite chair.

  • Height: approx. 30cm
  • Body type: malleable, with metal wire frame
  • Body Material: Wool (needle felting technique)
  • Hair Material: Teeswater wool
  • Eye Material: Plastic

Wood chair decorated with natural shells and corals

160 €

This doll is not a toy. Having an armature made of wire, it can also be placed in other positions, but it is not advisable to change its position too often because that can lead to damage to the doll.

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