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This doll is handmade and unique. It is made of merino wool by the needle felting technique - sculpture in wool.

The holidays are over! School starts again, wheter we like it or not! Andrada is ready, she has her homework, backpack, new clothes and many stories to tell her friends.

  • Height: approx. 26cm
  • Body type: malleable, with metal wire frame
  • Body Material: Wool (needle felting technique)
  • Hair Material: merino wool
  • Eye Material: Plastic
  • Clothing: Felted dress (wet felting) with natural silk, jacket, felted boots

Fur backpack

130 €

This doll is not a toy. Having an armature made of wire, it can also be placed in other positions, but it is not advisable to change its position too often because that can lead to damage to the doll.

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